Sunday, 31 January 2010

parsnip day

After a 5 mile run , which was a little nippy this morning but a great pleasure in that I have now done 2 days consecutive running (long while since I've managed that). I decided to check out the parsnips now the snow is gone and the soil can be entered with a fork,and low and behold a great quantity of parsnips . looks like everything is going to be accompanied by them now.
Jac made a very wholesome and tasty parsnip soup ,the food of the gods.

Been working around the house on little jobs ,and fetched compost to start and grow on crops for the allotment.

My bike I was gifted has been re-assembled but sadly I cannot use it as a donor bike for my parts of my GT as they are not compatible ,so will be gifting it on free cycle.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hoorah - a running day!

While Col, went to discuss his new tattoo, I decided that I needed to do a long run of approx 14 miles in preparation for my kilomathon in March. Not liking to use any gizmos such as garmins which have GPS and therefore tell you how far you've run, average and fastest pace, and calories burnt, I decided to guess how far 14 miles would be, and armed with water and jelly babies I set off along the old disused top canal to the garden centre with the aim of the running over to shipley country park, which is actually in the other direction ;o). The fact that I came back still having over half my water and only having eaten 4 jelly babies did make me think I probably hadn't run nearly enough, but Col plotted it on "map my run" and I'd managed 13.6 (albeit slow) miles, so not too bad, and I have about 6 weeks to take it up to 16.
Col also managed a run today (hoorah) he did an off road very muddy 6 mile route through Shipley in the afternoon while I carried on with my textile course (I'm sewing an orange!).
Late afternoon it was still really sunny (albeit cold) so we took a walk down the allotment, to continue to dig and weed. The birds have already eaten the two lardy/seedy things that I'd made and taken down on Wednesday - no shortage of birds in our allotment despite the severity of the winter and the national concern that there will be a bird shortage.
The allotment is looking good; fairly tidy, we just need to do a bit (well a lot) more digging, have a bonfire (easier said than done, neither of us can light fires) and lay the last bit of hedge, then we're ready for the spring !

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Busy day time

Today is the first time in a while that I have attempted to run ,and the thee miles I covered were hard work . This is causing me to wonder if doing 29.2 miles on a saturday and then a sunday at the begining of march may be a problem. I suppose it will have to be a wait and see game.
Also managed to get to the allotment with Jac , we are still turning over the soil and clearing it of bramble roots . We also got some little potatoes out as well which were probably not the best value for money to what we planted but was nice to see and take out the ground something we had grown. Looks like the onion's are doing OK and hope to see some shoots from the garlic in the near future.
Been to the Physio today ,that man knows how to inflict pain with his thumbs, got to say though he does make you feel a whole lot better the day after . hoping tomorrow I will feel on top of the world, he worked on my bad leg and the nerves twitching as he removed the tightness was very strange. Hopefully he's caught my back in time as it was starting to get that doggy feeling when I have worked it to much.

Jac went into Beeston while I was at the physio ,she's well happy found a good second hand book store (came away with 3 craft books), nice deli called Deli (got some pesto), great bargain's at a fabric store and wools from another shop.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

great nights and days

Well its been a great weekend for us both; no running ,no studying, just chilling with our friends. Our friends, who we met when travelling to Antarctica a few years ago, managed to find and get safely to us (no mean feat when we've been trying to arrange a mutually convenient date for a year, and considering that whenever we meet up something tends to go wrong at the travelling stage).
On friday night we had a leisurely meal, and found out that Jennifer from our group was the first ever female finalist on the Krypton Factor - wow! On Saturday we had a wander around Rufford Country Park and Abbey, its an amazing place; sculpture park, ruined abbey, orangery, and lake, in the Saville Restaraunt we saw an Ilkeston and Beeston clay jug which tied in quite nicely, as we'd pick some of our friends up from Beeston, and we live in Ilkeston- neat!. Our meanderings over the weekend helped us to see many birds (we went to Attenborough Nature Reserve on the Sunday) and had a walk along the river trent and then back to the tea shop. And we think we've managed to persuade Marg, another of our friends, to do the Yorkshire 3 Peaks with us in the summer - Marg also has an interesting story (well to many to mention really) but we'd never realised that shed been held up at gun point in an armed robbery - makes the Krypton Factor Assault course sound enjoyable!
sorry to see everybody go on sunday afternoon, cos we had a really good time, good laugh and it makes us realise that we have some really special and interesting friends.

Friday, 22 January 2010

awaiting friends

We are awaiting our friends. looking forward to catching up ,have not seen them all together since we met up at Malvern . Some off us caught up down in Epsom but that was a long while ago.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A better day

I have had a much better day today than yesterday. (Jac probably feels the same as I probably made her night miserable last night).

We've both been out on run's, Jac a 5 miler me a boggy 5.75 miler and with a little less pain . There is still ice around and about ,I expected it on the ponds but was surprised on some of the fields how much is still around. Jac got back at about the same time I did and said that there was ice on the canal too

Was nice around Shipley Park as not many people around and in areas it felt like I had the place to myself, not often it feels like that unless its late on and cold.

Jac's managed to get a necklace finished (pictured) and shes also been studying as normal (obesity course) . Some of the explanations on how to lose weight are a bit desperate and must make you really miserable, its not even certain that they work in the long term.

Today's also been a day of re-arranging the house so we can accommodate our friends coming over at the weekend , it also makes me do jobs I've been putting off.

At the moment not having much look getting bottom bracket out of the bike I was gifted, which is a bit of a problem as its grating when you turn it and is in need of some TLC. I'll go back to scratching my head and WD40 ing it tomorrow, one day I hope to be able to grease it properly and have smooth running bearings.(wish I could do the same with my legs).

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Blood letting Day

I've just come back from the blood donors, I had hoped it might lift my mood (not sure why I'm down today, but cant shake it off) anyway Jac had persuaded me that letting blood, might make me feel better and likened it to the olden days of quack medicine and leeches. Despite them taking nearly an armful I can't say that I recommend blood letting as a cure for being fed up, still I know I should do it, and as much as I hate needles, it does help save lives and the choccy biscuit selection wasnt too bad - see it isn't all for altruistic reasons!
Jac went for a run, and came back complaining that the potholes in the pavements are as bad as those on the roads, and more difficult to see, and shes finnished one assignement on her obesity course, and has now moved onto the next module which seems to focus on energy requirements. Its pretty impressive to know that walking (at 3mph) for an hour per day will burn off approx 9.8kg over a year - unless of course you eat more as a result of feeling hungry after the walk

Monday, 18 January 2010

tight calf day

The running at the weekend has caught up with my calf muscle today its so tight I think it might explode . I was glad to be able to use the motor bike to go to work today, it's not been out since before Christmas .
Thought I'd stretch my legs and get the calf a little free-er , by doing a little run ,didn't work as planned came back even tighter and having to zap it with an intra sound machine. Can't wait for my appointment with the physio.
Jac went running earlier and was happy as not running on snow or ice seems easy to her at the moment. Also had her head stuck in a study book.
We have the friends we met when we we went over to antartica a few years back, coming over at the weekend so that should be great.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Race day

Been a hectic day , after the normal routine I headed to the tattooist to have a sizing taken for a tattoo to go around my existing tattoos . This should be ready to have done in a few weeks time looking forward to having this finalised.

Then a nip to the allotment to feed the birds, now that we can walk as previously its been pure ice and their was no way to get near the door .

Then I ran with a friend from our running club over to a race in Wollaton Park. This was one of those good ideas at the time , but seems as I have had a dodgy leg for a few weeks ,running 7.7 miles across country to do a 6.6 miles x-country race , and then Coming back a different route of 6.6 miles across bogey paths (that I had to run walk because my legs were so tired) was a bit mad. Then again its put me back on my running schedule so here's hoping to a good few weeks of training before my race.

Jacs not been sitting around neither she was up in shipley park running up and down fields which she informs me are still icy . Not the easiest thing to do on a cool day when you've not been out running as many times as she'd have liked. Back in to her study books again tonight though.

Friday, 15 January 2010

day time then going out tonight

Well another week at work done and now off to catch up with some old school friends.Should be a good night as we don't see each other a great deal.
Not sure what I've gone and agreed to with a running friend. He's persuaded me to join him on a run to wollaton 5-6 miles then do a cross country race ,and to finish off run back. Mmm !!
Jacs staying in to engrossed in her art . And like she says we reminisce about school and I can see her point that she doesn't know who we are on about. Shes hoping to get out running tomorrow on a more civilised route.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Crash ,Bang ,Wallop day

Well the ice got me today (its been quite well hidden by the snow ) I'd done my 15 Min's on the rowing machine ,I'd even managed to do 15 minutes off stretches ,before heading out on a run into Shipley park and then you got it Crash,Bang,Wallop I'm providing entertainment by heading backwards onto my bum and finally stopping myself with my head .Not bad for two miles into the run,got up quickly ,the all important look to see if any one saw me (good no one about only the odd bird) rub my head feel the egg shape coming up, then off to complete the 7 miles I was planning . This training for the Grantham Ultra is just not going well. Got back Jac made me sit with an ice pack on my head ,but to be quite honest I'd already had enough ice on my head when I'd fallen over.
Jac's been sewing most off the day for her course and was doing the more sensible option off raiding her dads black and white photos for a frame she bought a while back, and picking up material from her mum.
Bit stiff at the moment and my eggs still on me head .Hey Ho

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

radio day

The day has been pretty grim in terms of keeping warm at work ,but am at home now and not at work till Thursday. Didn't nearly survive the journey home in tack as I nearly ended up in the canal as the towpath is so frozen and slippy. Ended up having to get off and walk like Bambie next to it and with these legs they were doing a good impression.

Jac's in a good mood as she is enjoying her new course and she has just had her "the chain" link played on the Radcliffe and Maconie radio 2 show. Her song was Blur "Girls and boys " linked from The El gins and"heaven must of sent you" Guess the link?

Monday, 11 January 2010

slip slide day

To work and back was a slippy affair ,the slush was taking the bike every which way it could.
Jac made it to the office first time this year .
And I've just started to strip my new bike to give it a bit of TLC.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

lazy day

We've both had a lazy (ish) day ,me more than Jac. All I have managed is a few exercises and read my book "Life and limb" by Jamie Andrew . An amazing book to read ,he lost both hands and both feet in a disaster in the french alps , and sadly his climbing buddy died too,but it tells the tale of how he has gone on to do some amazing things (quite inspirational).
Jac has been studying/drawing most of the day and seems to be well interested in her new course.

I have got a second hand bike courtesy of the Free cycle group it needs a little attention but that should be fun to do.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

beautiful day

Me n Col went for a nice slow run in the snow this morning - we took my camera so that I had plenty of excuses to stop for a breather - not that I needed many, as before we'd even got to Cotmanhay Rd we had to stop to help push a van that had got stuck in the snow, and then spent a while talking to various dog walkers - that said, really glad we took the camera, it was a beautiful morning. I took a fair few close ups of snowy things for inspiration for my design course, and couldn't believe that I was so lucky to have a robin and a shetland pony happy to pose for me.

I've spent a fair part of the rest of the day, "making marks" for my new textiles design course , trying to represent words such as "Happy" "Soft" "Fast" and "Slow" using paints and pastels, bleach, combs and whatever else comes to hand - not used to working in abstact so its been fairly challenging, but think i'm gonna like this course, and hope its gonna help me with my idea of setting up "Tree Huggery" as a business.
No sign of panic buying in the shops yet, although we did hear on the radio the other night that some people were recommending the panic buying of Baileys Irish Cream and Terrys Chocolate Orange and 2 for 1 offers on bacon (apparently its cheaper than cheese!) Hmm think i'll stick with Baileys (apparently its only 70 calories a measure).

Friday, 8 January 2010

Study day (well evening actually)

This according to Jackie is Rabbits feet at the allotment ,I would question this .
Apart from the picture here Jac has just received her coursework for "a creative approach to textiles " She is always studying ,and seems to love it . Me I could not wait to get away from the education system. Although saying that I'm proud that I got my Joinery qualification under City and guilds.
Not much to say but its started snowing and we wasn't for casted to get any ,could be an interesting run tomorrow.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

tired day

Today has been a tough cycling day on the ice and snow,and I have really tired legs so a night off from running.Only consolation was that I saw a fox coming out of someones drive on Beeston fields drive . It came across as so tame as it watched me go by.

Jac worked from home again our street is getting no better ,the sun doesn't get on it at all. She has managed a run this evening of about 5 miles.

Rest now for me poor legs.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

last two days

Well hasn't it been really nice weather all this snow around again. Yesterday got three quarters of the way to work before parting company with my mountain bike (tip ; don't over inflate your tyres because when you try to turn on ice it you end up on your bum ). The houses around must have heard the clatter and if they didn't they must of heard me laughing.

Manged a 5 mile run late last night ,hardly anyone around and was something of a picture postcard scene made all the better with the light snow still falling. Wish I'd took the camera but probably wouldn't have done it justice.

Jac tried to get to work today but turned around at Eastwood as she was sliding everywhere in the car. At one junction she intended to go up the hill but actually went down it (oops).
The bin wagon was sliding side ways down the street and then managed to get stuck,my good deeds today has been to push two cars up the street.

Been down allotment to feed birds and there are bunny tracks everywhere in the snow,I'll go for a run later in spikes as the ice is starting to make its appearance once again.

Monday, 4 January 2010

first working day

First day back at work and a cold one it was too . Cycled to work slipping around a bit on the ungritted side roads. Was informed by a friend who had travelled in the car it was -8.5 degrees C. No wonder it felt nippy on me face . Around 11am it hit +3 in the workshop ,it takes ages to heat up and the heating been turned off since we left at Christmas.
Jac's had a busy day doing jobs around the house , felting , patch working , feeding birds and even managed a 7 mile run in the slippy conditions. She's back at work tomorrow weather permitting.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

last day

This is the last day of my Christmas holiday (boo hoo). Jacs not back till Tuesday.
Managed a couple of miles along the canal towpath but might have been as well running on the canal as there was as much ice .Been a nice bright day here with a few people dropping by to fetch items we were giving away on free-cycle.
Took a stroll/slide down to the allotment to put seed out for the birds, a lot of robins down there whom seem grateful for the food.
Not a lot to say
bye bye

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Fattest day

Great run this morning (10 miles) over to Trowell garden centre ,then back along the canal,made all the better by it starting to snow. Not all that cold or am I just un-fit. Currently on the running bug web site I have gained the most weight since Christmas eve .The buggers as we are known were having a competition to see who could put on the most weight over Christmas and seeing as I have been doing very little in the running stakes I may be on for the first win of the year.
I now have to start losing this weight or converting it to something more useful .

Jac enjoyed (as much as you can) the run in the snow and has been busy this afternoon making felty handles for the above bag.

Friday, 1 January 2010

New years day

Happy new year

New years eve day went for a run over to Strelley across the fields nice and slowly for my poorly leg ,managed to do 10 miles with jac it was a cool but bright day and lovely and muddy in places .

Got home and did our bit for recycling on free- cycle ,some happy people now have my old photography magazines and a few books.
Headed over to the near by pub for a couple of beers but was home by 10 and in bed by eleven (rubbish at staying up).

New years day we headed to Southwell , slippery roads (-1 degrees) to get there. We were there early enough that it was crisp under foot and we managed a gentle walk of 5 miles taking pictures as we went. Lots of people making the most of a dry day, The sun was out all the way around but it still only got up to 1 degree by dinner time. The dogs we passed at the river seemed to be enjoying the water ,rather them than me.

Just free-cycled old national geographic's and the good Karma seems to be working like Jac says as our neighbour has given us a load of books we haven't read.

New year seems to be of to a great start ,here's to more of it .

gam n jac