Wednesday, 30 December 2009

bad hair day

Decided I was having a bad hair day So my beard has been cropped and so has my hair . Hoping I Don't have a Sampson day tomorrow and lose my strength. First time at the shops today since before Christmas day, needed the mundane groceries and wanted new 2xU's ( .And have invested in a shin splint compression sleeve,see if that helps me get back to running .
Gave jac a hand with rolling felty balls(Ding Dong). It doesn't half give your arm a work out.Nice colours Hope to put some picture's on soon.
Been down allotment but only to put up feeders for the birds as the others didn't last two seconds ,them Robins were mighty hungry.
Just done my exercises for the day managed 20 Min's on the rower doing 2.1 km,then my pose exercises (I'm altering the style I run in) then a good warm down courtesy of Claire at purple patch running.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

slow day

Leisurely day today a late get up,both of us did a 3.6 mile run (bit icy in places). I went down the allotment trying to get the roots out and still loads to do .Jac been felting another bag and listening to the radio. Both now waiting to see if we get any snow.Here's hoping.

Monday, 28 December 2009

cold potato day

Hullo, Jac here - thought I'd give Col a break from doing all the entries...

'Went for a short run today as the ice is clearing, but managed to fall over on one of the icy patches along the canal, its still really difficult conditions for running, typical get some free time but still can't get out...
'Came back and joined Col on the allotment, he was busy trying to light a fire, but its still sooo cold and wet, and we're so rubbish at starting fires, that even with a whole bottle of meths on it, it never really took hold - at best it managed to slightly warm a couple of jacket potatoes that I'd optimistically brought along, but they only served for warming my hands up, - who'd have thought that fire starting could be so difficult.
On the way back, Col was trying to help me put my grizzles on, and (he claims accidentally) managed to hit me on the head with the spade - ok so it might have been comical to anybody watching, but i wasnt to impressed.
This afternoons been quite a lazy one, I've made some more bird feeders for taking down the allotment (the 2 i took down on boxing day have already gone) and then I've been reading my Christmas book, "The Angels Game", not as good as its predecessor "The Shaddow in the Wind", but ok.
Might make some felty balls tonight, to make into jewellery (oh yeah and the tea cosy is the right size - just!)

Sunday, 27 December 2009

running day

Today has been great, Been having problems with shin splints ,so I've not been able to run for a few weeks .Tried to run about a week ago but it hurt as soon as I headed off ,but today we took a drive over to the local park put on our spiky shoes and headed over the fields . Loads of ice and cold puddles and it was spitting with rain, but managed to run 3 miles which feels like heaven ,its so annoying when you can't do what you enjoy doing. Hopefully I can restart my training as I am planning doing the two days of the Grantham canal run which is an ultra event(this one is 29.3miles each day). Also my first foray into this kind of distance my furthest up to now is a Marathon (26.2 miles)
Jacs working hard on her felt making and is trying her hand at a tea-cosy which is looking nice Although rather big(she keeps telling me it shrinks -but we will see).
Out at the pub tonight which is a rarity as I'm not a good drinker But will be good to catch up with a couple of school mates.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

boxing day

What an ice skating rink .
We went down the allotment to put some bird food out ,and take some pictures. It took some steady manovering to get along the canal path. All I could imagine was me breaking the ice with me body!! Got there in the end was still alittle whiteish as the light rain has cleared some.
Good deed for the day going to sister-in -laws and repairing the picture frame which had landed on her dog Frankies head (luckily no harm to dog, but picture frame hadn't fared so well!) - While I was doing that Jac and her sister tried to take photos of the other dog, Ralph, in a dog coat that Jac had made, it would have been a bit easier if Ralph stood still for more than a micro second, he knows his cute, but really seems to hate having his photo taken.
Got back repaired the puncture I got riding home from work on wendesday took 5 thorns out but luckily only had one hole to fix. Jac went back to her felting shes finished two bags today, and has ideas for others, shes hoping to get a collection together to sell locally.

bye for now

had a great christmas day

Had a great Day
Very lucky with what Santa bought us both. Went out for a 5 mile walk, then back to make christmas dinner ,(both veggies)so we had chestnut and ale pie with roast potatoes and parsnip (lovely). I followed up with Christmas pud and ice cream ,Don,t you just love puddings? and the fact that you have an extra pudding stomach means that you dont put weight on!. Leisurely afternoon listening to new CDs and reading our books .
We then had a 3 mile walk to my folks to catch up with them ,sister and brother-in law and folkes friends. Mum did way too much food as is the family tradition .
Walked back had got very slippery to the point of nearly going head over heels , jac has some grizzels which fit her shoes so a lot steadier than me.Got to the top of our street, where we ended up helping a lost blind man (who was merry - blind drunk?!;o) ) cross the road, but rather than get to the otherside... we helped him get his bearings as he was not quite sure where he was ,he was actually only out by one street,but it makes you realise you have it easy I wouldn't have the confidence to be out like he was .The council still havent gritted the pavements which always surprises us as there are old folks bungalows at the top of the street, and there is so much emphasis nationally on not using a car.

more later

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas eve day

Christmas eve... and still a bit of snow around ,hopefully enough for Santa's sledge?
Walked a 7.7 mile route to drop two Christmas cards and one book crossing book off ( Not to many people out on foot,mainly the hardy dog walkers, Christmas bringing the friendliness out of us all and the cool breeze putting the glow on our faces. Back in now with me hot chocolate and food we were going to go to the pictures but decided its getting to foggy safer to stay in and wait for Santa.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

last day

It was our last day today. So no work till next year. I got to finish at 11am (Jac still not home), I was able to come home the secnic route accross the fields. Was going to call the blog today "beautiful day" as I was singing (badly) the levellers tune all the way, it was sunny and everywhere was covered in a dusting of snow. Track was well rutted where the horses had been and it had frozen solid .For a bike getting on in years (over 15) and with a patched up rear suspension system It coped well my body at times didn't. Have to say hardly saw a sole so lovely and peaceful.
Finished the last of the shopping, bar the hummous I couldn't get anywhere Hey Ho I'm sure we can live without.
Managed to get a few hours down the allotment too, still can't start a fire if my life depended on it , so did some digging to free up the bramble root systems ,their roots go on for ever.and are made even harder to move when the top couple of inches of ground are frozen.Quite down ther too every one must be shopping or not finished work yet?

Nearly Christmas Santa on his way !

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

party day

Cold morning ,nice day. Jacs had her 2nd works dinner not bad for an office of five!
She's now trying her hand at multi-tasking. Shes been exercising, running the bath and even managed to make a felt suflower ,sometimes there is no stopping her.
Me I've managed to do my exercises and realise 15 mins on the rower is enough 6x 10rep,s of hip exercises hurt, hamstring exercises need working on,and that if I don't cut down on chocolate I will make my self ill over Christmas.
Then again tommorrows the last day at work for both of us and we are off out to the running clubs Christmas toodoo.
Nice to catch up with friends

Monday, 21 December 2009

Typical day

Been a Typical Day .Off to work along a snowy canal side , then the drudge of the roads . Slow day as we are winding down for our last day at work on Wednesday.
The journey home was good- 8 miles of ice and snow with a glow in the sky making everywhere look pretty.
Jac been busy today too ,her felt making wools turned up just in time for Christmas break. Hopefully she wants to get her crafting hobby sorted for when her job finishes in 2011 so that she can set up a business out of it called "Tree huggery" - (it will be a mixture of arts and crafts, using a combination of new and reclaimed resources) Fitting this in around running, studying, and work is a bit of a juggle, but we both feel that the long term goal of working doing things that we enjoy, even if it means just getting by, it important to us.
Now its time for me to exercise and strengthen these legs of mine - Jacs doing some new exercises that she got from physio today too - only problem is that the ones she practiced on the steps at the hospital are proving rather difficult as we live in an old terraced house with incredibly steep stairs ....

Bye for now

Sunday, 20 December 2009

snowy day

Have had a great day today, been very leisurely took a walk with Jac to the local park, I'm nursing a running injury medial tibial stress syndrome (aka shin splints). Not been running for a couple off weeks, last time I tried I managed only 300meters and then hobbled home. Jac is being careful as she is hoping to run the Nott's to Derby kilomathon in March, so doesn't want to go skating on this white stuff.
We both managed a trip down the allotment, which looked really pretty with the snow cover. This is the first year of ownership.When we took it over it was completely covered with brambles about 6 ft high, and we are still trying to get it dug over and cleared for the next growing season.
anyway time to relax with a book..
write later...