Sunday, 28 March 2010

Its been another busy week this week, I've been working on my arts and crafts stuff as assignment 2 was due in this week, and my final assignment for my obesity course is due in too.
I decided to make my "long run" a run home from work this week, so got up extra early and caught the bus in, and then armed with jelly babies and a litre of water set off for my 13 mile plod home - due to trying to find a nice off road route and having very poor map reading skills, my 13 mile plod ended up being significantly longer, and the nice bridelways and paths i'd planned were swapped for swampy brambly mudfests - I only just got home before it was dark, at least the clocks have changed now, so I've got more light and time for if I get lost again.

Monday, 22 March 2010

printing, sketching and digging

I've been busy with my courses for the last few days - trying to learn printing is really hard, its my final assignment for my obesity course too. Cols been busy down the allotment, digging out the weeds is a never ending task. We did have a break on Saturday though, we went to see a friend in Lincoln, and came across a really lovely traditional sweet shop - and they sold packs of sweets according to decades, anybody remember huba bubba and drumsticks?

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Birthday coming up

Tonight we ran a 4 mile route to drop a card and prezzie off to my big sister who's birthday it is tomorrow (happy Birthday). My legs are still not working properly after the big run ,can't wait for my physio appointment to have my back and legs put back to normal.
Jacs photos are up and she's complaining they aren't flattering,it's what you get when you run 26km a look of being tired and worn out. Tonight's run was jacs recovery run and we had to do a hill to my sisters so she did really well lets hope running gets easier again.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Jac's race day

Jac has her 26.2km race today Aka "the kilamathon" dropped her of before 8am for a 9.30 start . Shes had better training than I did for my race last week,so hope she gets a good time.

Other things happening around here is I have concreted the area for my extension to me shed it's going to be double the size . Went to check it was setting 'it has but with loads of cat prints in it.

Results for last weekend were that I finished 12th over the two days out of 64 in a time of 9 hrs 06 Min's 11 secs. Not bad for my first ultra with hardly any training. I have been asked to have a go at a 25 mile Respect The Stupidity challenge in June so will be starting to train for that.

More later

Sunday, 7 March 2010

ultra day

Well all's well now I've stopped running .Have done my ultra run this weekend all 29.3 miles Saturday followed by the same the next day. Managed to meet some really nice people that have done some or are going to run some amazing distances. For example the hardmoors 110miles in just over 24 hours ,the marathon de sables 5 days running through the Sahara desert.
Two guys I have meet on the running bug forum were there and thanks to them for making this a great weekend. And thanks to Jac for shuttling me from the start /finish lines. One of the guys from the local running club ran the Saturday and made a bit of a boo boo by going the wrong way and adding 1 mile to the run, but still managed to come sixth (pretty impressive) just think what he could of done.

Monday, 1 March 2010

back to a normal day

Things have gone back to the normal work routine after a week in the lake district. We got a fair amount of walking in and a good deal of rest to. The lakes is a great area especially as the tops had snow on them. Managed a couple of runs up there and two over this weekend . That's about all the prep I can do and now have to wait till this weekend to run my 58.6 miles over Saturday and Sunday. (what have I let my self in for)