Thursday, 28 April 2011


It's 3.23 am and I can't sleep (don't know why). I was thinking of going for a run but then thought to myself you only came back from one 6 hrs ago.  So I have checked the other peoples blog's I follow and am listening to W.A.S.P on the i-pod.  So now I'm thinking I used to be coming home from the club 'Rock City' at daft times like this. I'd have been tired from all the head banging ,but buzzing from the music. Music's just changed to Faster pussycat now that's a blast from the past.

Right what can I trawl on the interweb thingy now.


Monday, 25 April 2011

Alone again, naturally

Hopefully my posting won't be quite as sad as Gilbert O Sullivan's song.

Quite some time ago I was working on a piece called "Alone" inspired by a shipwreck at Blakeny, Norfolk.  We've finally got around to framing it and taking some photos of it.  Here it is; the picture is made from burning and distressing fabrics and the wooden frame is from reclaimed timbers.  I intend to try and sell it on  soon.
Beneath  are some images of Bejewelled, a handwoven scarf I made on my loom, incorporating linen and paper threads and sari silks


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bust up

My very obliging, and usually quite shy, sister has been a star this weekend.  I'm making a corset for my degree work, and the easiest way to get the shape for the pattern was to wrap someone up like a mummy using duct tape....
My lovely slim sister will not only make a lovely shape for a corset, she also has the added advantage of not using much duct tape, or material  - bonus!
Pictures later (of the corset, not of my sister in duct tape...)

lost Pitts

I went for an early morning (6.30am) run with Mr Pitt's this morning, he's just done the London Marathon in 3.05 and is in training for a 50 mile ultra along the Welsh Taff trail in a couple of weeks. Todays run was meant to be a 15 miler as I haven't been doing many long runs as other commitments have slowed my running activaties down.
I ran the 2.75 miles over to his house so  theoretically I only had 13.25 miles  left to run.  Hmmm, not quite.... Mr Pitts was going to guide the route because it was one of his favorites and he knew it well.... Yeah right....   After getting me  lost numerous times, I finally made it back home with 20.5 miles under my belt. Not bad on an undulating route accross to Ockbrook, Locko Park and West Hallam
Actually I'm not really sure why I'm suprised.... Mr Pitts has been known to get lost running along the Grantham Canal  - how obvious can a route be..... 


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I ran me little legs off...

I ran the first of one of 5 of our local summer league races last night . This was at Denby near the pottery. It's a short race of 5.3 miles and the front runners went off like a shot. The course is multi-terrain and undulating and with good support for the local runners. To cut a long story short it was the quickest I 've run the course by 4 seconds and probably the quickest first mile I have ever done in 5.45 Min's. This year the course had been extended to stop the tussling at the first corner as it was a bit hairy last year. I was pipped by two runners right at the end and came in 16th out of 303 runners in 31.41mins. So happy with that and will see how the others pan out.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Yorkshire sheep and art

We haven't posted recently because we have been on holiday and also trying hard to get some plans for the future in place.
We were in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales ,stopping at a place in Hadrow  above Hawes. The owner of the cottage, Andrea Hunter, is a very skilled Felt artist and her work was a great inspiration for Jac . (despite Jac weaving on her loom at nights instead)
The shot of the motor bike wheel was taken in a river close to Sedburgh and the day was so warm we walked along the river.
The shot below was over the wall of the cottage we were staying in . We couldn't believe our look that there were so many young lambs being born that week.