Friday, 21 June 2013

Kafkaesque nightmare

I'm stuck in a kafkaesque nightmare.  Not having had a television for about 10 years, (and only having a black and white television before that) I'm used to having to send, almost monthly, declarations swearing that I don't have a television (when we had the black and white tv, we eventually asked if they wanted a black and white photograph of our b & w tv as evidence).
Yesterday we had a visit from the tv licensing authority people while we were out, to check to see if we do have a tv.  Obviously I don't mind them doing this, and fully understand there is a need for them to check, but because I was out they requested that I contact them to state, yet again, that I don't have a tv.
Firstly I tried phoning, but after eventually reaching the department that I needed, an automated voice told me that there was a que, and to leave a message on the website, before cutting me off.
Easier said then done, when I eventually founded the page that I needed to state that I don't have a tv and so don't need a license, it asked me for license reference number......

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wash day blues

Ages since I last posted - the first of the strawberries are out - yay, and with all of the sunshine and showers the other veg is looking healthy too.
The sunshine has provided me a great opportunity to do some hand dyeing and get it dried easily, still thinking about a scarf inspired by the sea, I've moved on to thinking about something more textured.... as always its still a work in progress......