Monday, 31 May 2010

a weavy day

Well, I've been learning to "loomless" weave - with just a frame - its a bit fiddly but its a really good feeling to create material, and you can make it from just about anything - I'm even thinking about weaving liquorice !
Cols been down the allotment much more than me recently, and its looking really really good - our raddishes are huge - bigger than tomatoes! The sun and the rain have really helped.
I'm still thinking about running another marathon in october - although if we have a hot summer, the training is going to be really hard

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Good days are here

Well it's been a good few days for me. Starting with meeting up with friends last Friday and having a few beers (which went straight to both of our heads.) This drinking lark needs some work . Nice to meet Kens new girl friend . Shame one of our other mutual friends couldn't make it Hey Ho

The Sunday was a great day in that we were both doing the Eyam half marathon, Jac was a bit iffy with a dodgy calf ,but went on to complete it 3Min's quicker than her previous best on the route . Me ,well I will blow my own trumpet in that I got 10th place (out of397) and a PB time of 1hr 29.14.

The guy I was following in the wake of is known as RTS (respect the stupidity) I'll say no more but I will be joining him and others on a route around the peak district in a few weeks ( just the 25 miles)

Tuesday night was a great running night at the BDL league race . This was at teversal (highest point in Notts they say? ) A 4.9 mile run which I got a 19th place and a time of 29.16 which was made all the better by holding a fella off who normal beats me ,but the determination was their and I was going to let him past me this time. Must admit that I only beat him by 4 seconds .

Today I have had a good day at work and I don't often say that then managed to get down the allotment and plant out my sweetcorn and runner beans ,they were getting a bit leggy in there pots. The allotment is coming on well . Just need to get some pictures done to show were still tending it.

This weekend I'm of in to the peak to meet friends at a camping barn and have a few walks ,beers and a good laugh.

Monday, 10 May 2010

plastic fantastic day

I've been experimenting again with plastic bags, and while this isn't perfect, i thinks its a good use of old plastic bags

Sunday, 9 May 2010

a productive day

We've both managed to get long runs in today, and get down the allotment and plant some seeds, and I've managed to start weaving a bag too.

I'm a bit worried, having decided to train for another marathon, I've enlisted a coach; I should have realised that having a coach called "mad dog" was not a good idea. Not only as he set me far too many runs, at the end of each run I have to do squats, (and not just a few mind, he's suggesting that i get up to between 450 and 550), AND then if thats not enough i've got to hose pipe my legs in cold water

I've always known that certain names carry certain traits, Kevins are stoopid, Danny's are naughty etc, why I decided to go for a coach with a name like "Mad Dog", I'm not sure

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Technology Thursday

I have told Colin, to stay in bed on Thursdays, or at least keep away from electronics - it didn't get any better ... his electric saw has also broke, closely followed by his mobile phone, and last Thursday it was his ipod....

Can things get any worse? well...... we're off to my sisters Election Party .... I have spent the day wondering what election party food should look like: humble pie? bitter lemon? rhubarb,rhubarb,rhubarb, or anything thats just cheesy.

Hope my sister likes the pictures of her dogs I've sketched for her

bad start to the day

Well I think it is going to be one of those days .

I was thinking I had a lie in this morning but it turns out I don't , as my dentist appointment isn't till next week Oops, So got the motorbike out ,started it up , all is fine .Went in to put on bike gear , went out to go to work . Yes your ahead of me IT WON'T START . Now I have spent over two hours trying to get Pidcocks to come and get it as it is still under warranty,its not the first time or the second time its probably nearer the tenth and now I'm fed up.

More later if things get better?