Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A "Isn't Cheryl Cole a Liverpudlian?" day

Over the Christmas Holidays we ended up watching TV at Colins Mum and Dads house.  We haven't had a television for several years, so we really struggle with the noise and the fast moving pictures.  Watching their TV also confirmed that we seem to live in  a parallel universe; apparently Colin had always thought that Cheryl Cole was a Liverpudlian, so when he saw someone who looked a bit like her, but with a Geordie accent, advertising L'Oreal, he had to ask his sister who it was.  (for other tv less people, apparently she is a Geordie...)

However its not just Colin; I have previously had incredulous stares for;
Saying, when Dermot O Leary was announced as the new host for the X Factor "I'm really suprised that they've chosen a gardener to present the programme"
Not understanding that a  Wii  is a computer game, and being completely dumbfounded when all the young people at my husbands youth club said they wanted one.
Thinking that the gymnast Suzanne Dando was the Crimewatch presenter who had been murdered
Constantly getting Neil Young, Neil Sedaka and Neil Diamond mixed up.

Monday, 27 December 2010

A wrapped up for the cold day

While Col has been out running I've been finishing off a few scarves , which I've either made on my loom or have hand embroidered.  Hopefully I might be able to sell some soon; we're in the process of putting together a website   treehuggery.co.uk, and this might make things easier to sell


Merry days and nights

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Ti's Christmas time once again ,  We are both lucky enough to be off till the New year , so are making the most of visiting the relatives and relaxing. I do feel sorry for those who are made to work Boxing day as it must be hell in the shops.

I have been running the last few days, yesterday it was with Jac and a friend Catherine around Bestwood park, today I ran over to Wollaton park and back a 14 mile route mainly off-road. It was entertaining with snow coming down fast over the last third off the run and me slip, sliding about. Every time it seems to thaw and improve it just seems to end up worse with ice under water and me going flying face first to the floor, but hey - ho small price to pay for running in the light of the day.
On the last leg along the canal there was four horses and riders. the horses had bright coloured coats and antlers on and the riders were wearing Mrs Santa costumes. Amused me a lot shame I couldn't get a photo.


Saturday, 18 December 2010

Whitby and Wollaton days

We have been away for a couple of days in Whitby. While we were on the way up we were treated to the snow and a few slippy roads especially across the moor from Pickering to Whitby. We dropped in at Jac's tutors gallery ,which is lovely and displays her tutors own work and others. It's in the newer part of Whitby and called the "art cafe" amazing what she has produced out of fabrics which she dyes herself.  It was a cold time there though and we were expecting a lot more snow but to be quite honest we were thankful it didn't come as it made it easier for coming home,although across the moor it had settled well and was a little bit hairy sliding about at times.We dropped in at Pickering on the way back for a bite to eat and check out the second hand book store where no book is over three quid (great value) Jac managed to pick up three books and me ,I don't know what to read at the moment ,so any ideas let me know.  Then we headed over to Helmsley to have a look in the "look gallery "  amazing artists at realistic prices and always a treat to look around.Today I have done my long run an 18 miler over to Wollaton park and back along the Robin hood way as far as Awsworth then back across the old screens at Bennerley , just a 12 -15 miler tomorrow probably along the canal.  Been down the allotment and managed to get parsnips and leeks out the ground without having to resort to using a crowbar.  I was quite surprised as the temperature gauge at our house hasn't been above -1 all day. So up to now a productive day.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Solomon Day

Today, the Radio 2 hosts Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie, had to help me with my Freecycle dilemma:
I was gifting a digital camera on Freecycle (its a website where you recycle unwanted items by giving them away).  As anticipated I had loads of people wanting the camera, and I couldn't decide whether to give it to the first person who got back to me (or were they too grabby?)  Should I give it to the most deserving (and what criteria should I use to decide? and who am I to judge?), or should I give it to the person who wished me a Merry Christmas (or were they too creepy?)
Stuart decided that in his capacity as the wise old Solomon, that it should be the first person, who got back to me, so that's that  - who ever would have thought that giving things away could be so stressful!

We've had a good day today; we've had a pre Christmas clear out, and caught up with lots of friends.


Update - ok maybe not such a good day, fellow radio listeners have disagreed with Staurt "Solomon" Maconies advice; and suggested that I should have picked names out of a hat, or tried to have established who was the most discerning  -   Feeling very guility

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The triple 'D' ( Dilly Dally Day )

OK so I said in my last post I go out at nights . Well its a Saturday so an early 'ish' run of 15.5 miles today and yes I was dilly dallying ,as if I wasn't sliding on what was left of the ice, I was sliding through the mud on a clear blue skied day.
Got back and my legs felt more like they had done twice the amount of mileage. Got a long slow run tomorrow again , I think along the flat canal tow path.

Jacs down stairs making me a carrot cake. Shes been out for a run this morning then been playing with her loom trying out a new technique for a scarf.


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

slippy nights

      Well we've had the blog a while now and I started the trend of the titles having the word "days" in them, but when I went to put these photos on tonight and couldn't think of a "day" title.
       It got me wondering why we put these kind of constraints on ourselves; we are quite free, but we do often put self imposed rules on our selves that stop us from doing the most simple of things.
       So seen as I tend to do more at night ,I have titled this page "slippy nights". It's more appropriate as I often feel like I get up in the middle of the night (although this is only because it is so dark) .
       I got up this morning knowing it was going to be cold ,but wasn't expecting to cycle to work in a temperature of -9 C. I think that's the coldest I have cycled in (up to now).

Now to what I was going to post:
I headed out late afternoon yesterday for a run and was able to see these great views and a brilliant sunset.  I got back when it was nice and dark after a 13 mile run  and only slipped around a couple of times.  I am gaining quite good night vision at the moment and not relying on the head torch at the moment . And at least it was only about -2C when I arrived back so quite balmy weather, really

Minus Days

Yesterday when Col went out for a run in the snow and ice he came across two skiers  -which probably doesn't sound so remarkable, but we live in Derbyshire!
Now that the snow seems to have finished for a while, the temperature is plummeting..
Today I went out in the car , and there was ice on the inside of the windows, and the temperature guage registered -14 C  , I couldn't even get into the car park at work as theres still 2 foot of snow in it.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Disorganised days

Seeing as last night was a beautiful snowy night, I thought I'd start writing some Christmas cards  - hmmm what should be a simple task can be oh so complicated when your distracted by whats going on beyond the window  - some people have 2 cards, some people have a random gift tag inside theres, and there's always the obvious cover up of "and family"  which doesn't fool anyone, when you have a senior moment and  can't recall everyones names.... I just know that there's the potential for more mayhem when the cards are distributed and opened and more errors are discovered.
Today we went for a lovely walk in what might be the last of the snow for a while  - I'm hoping to turn some of my piccies into sketches and into textile works for my course - more later

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dedicated Days

I've been lucky enough to be able to work from home this week, its just been to snowy to even spot which of the cars parked on the street is mine, never mind about drive it anywhere.
Poor Colin doesn't have the option of working from home, and has been cycling the 8 or so very snowy miles to work, cycling back home, and then going for his snowy runs in preparation for the ultra race he is planning on doing in January. 
Hmmmm makes my short 3 or 4mile runs in the snow this week look very pathetic - I really must try harder!